Solitaire Quest: Elven Wonderland Story

Be part of the story as you play solitaire on a quest through Elven Wonderland!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Beautiful Free Solitaire Games by Difference Games
Downloads: 22.65M times

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Whats new

Current Release: - Removed treasure chests on level 401-500 that were not supposed to be there - 100,000 bonus coins for completing levels 1 through 6 Previous Release: - Increased amount of gold earned per level - Decreased cost of unlocking levels - Fixed black screen issue when returning from the device being locked - Updated multiple levels


Lose yourself in the mysterious Elven Wonderland as you play solitaire across beautiful maps filled with magic, wonder and lots of interesting creatures!

Explore the Elven Woods and beyond!
The Elven Wonderland is full of amazing, mystical places. From the Elven Woods to the Frozen Lakes, you’ll have over 75 levels of solitaire to enjoy as you embark on a quest across each land. Every month, the solitaire story is expanded Show more







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