TVirl. IPTV for Android TV

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Developer: Michael Sotnikov
Downloads: 130.27M times

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== * Fixed: No programs loaded from XmlTv if display-name is empty * Fixed: No video for MPEG2 on Philips * Localization: Turkish (thx to Ihsan Can Iciuyan) * Optimizations == * Fixed: Duplicated programs in DB, that negatively affected performance == * Fixed: Playback issues on Sony TVs Full changelog is available at:


Watch Your favourite TV channels with system TV player on Android TV.

TVirl integrates IPTV channels from your internet provider or online service right into "Live Channels" which has beautiful and handy user interface developed specifically for big TV screens.

No need to open external media players - switch channels and watch TV programs in gorgeous TV player with well-thought-out EPG navigation

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