Dead Some Day

Multiplayer Zombie Survival: Kill Zombies, Drive Cars, Craft, Build Bases!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Bitporters LTD
Downloads: 27.63M times

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Whats new - game play progression, optimizations - new flight model (in creative only) - new maps: sewer & mall (survival only) - new map AI Dojo (creative only) test new faction AI - new map House (creative only atm for testing) - animals /w ragdoll physics (creative) - new faction based AI for humanoids and animals - gun skills affect damage output and not speed - performance tweaks, bugfixes, ndk changed so should run better on older phones - new character select scene


Dead Some Day (previously ZOMBIE TOWN AHHH) - A 3D Zombie Survival RPG - Survive in a world taken over by zombies. Use your fists, various weapons and cars to defeat (or avoid) the zombies.


- Multiplayer Modes (Dedicated Servers + Local Multiplayer)
- Survival Mode, Creative Mode, Death Match Mode
- Defeat zombies to become stronger.
- Drive & squish zombies with over 8 car types
- SiphonShow more







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