ai.type keyboard Lite

The most customized keyboard, now in Lite pack for any possible device.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: ai.type
Downloads: 38.45M times

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Whats new

Completely new setting screen, menus and setting items. (Not the final version yetโ€ฆ) Redesign the side menu. Fix dialog on Pie OS. Fix Gif and stickers


95% of ai.type capability in 25% of storage size
lightweight and fast!

With new set of setting, new home screen and action buttons.
less then 10MB in size, compare to 40MB of our full ai.type keyboard version, or about 30MB for other well known keybaord.
and it keep getting smaller! stay up- to-date with latest release!

Support new Emoji 12.1 for 2020
NEW ๐Ÿ˜ 517 new emojis
New design for Show more







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