Soft Braille Keyboard

Rating: Everyone
Developer: Daniel Dalton
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Whats new

* Spell check support. * Voice dictation support. * Two new keyboard styles - choose from normal, slate and stylus mode or swap dots 1 and 4 with 3 and 6. * Support for several new languages * Literary Braille improvements * Word count. * Auto-capitalisation * Double-space inserts a period followed by a space. * Select prefered TTS engine. * Audio ducking while music is playing in the background. * Many bug fixes. Please see for full details.


This Braille keyboard presents itself as a standard Android input method and can be used in any application where a keyboard is displayed to enter text. This enables an experienced Braille typist to exceed the typing speeds of sighted users across all of their applications.

Two keyboard layouts are supported. A conventional horizontal layout for large screens like tablets and a vertical layout suitable for smaller displays like phoneShow more




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