Brilliant Spelling (LITE)

Learn spelling with a friendly robotic tutor. Magical for learning disorders.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Effective Objects
Downloads: 34.46M times

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Whats new

2.05 Added more settings. 2.04 For custom soft keyboards, it no longer shows word suggestions. 2.03 Added ability to import words from a text file. 2.02 Updated to work with Nexus 7. 2.01 Many more levels!


Anyone can become a Brilliant Speller and increase their vocabulary!

The LITE version lets you evaluate Brilliant Spelling with just a few levels and the ability to edit one custom word list. We hope this gives you a great way to check it out!

Brilliant Spelling is a fun and entertaining game with a friendly speaking robot to guide you. Advance through the levels as you increase your knowledge. Over 3100 American EnglishShow more



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