Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game

Rating: Very Low Maturity
Developer: ekkorr
Downloads: 935.13K times

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Whats new

※ New World Boss, DAIMANJI is here! Challenge the Stronger Boss! 1. New Content - World Boss: New Boss(DAIMANJI), Expanded to Graded System - Boot Camp: New Stages added (Stage 55~64) - Boost Mission: New Mission for Soldier/Slug/Gem/Honor Coin 2. Improved Content - Store: Improved Convenience, ToolTip function added - Nationality Display: Adjusted Category, 7 New Flags - War Book: Improved convenience for Enhancement system 3. Others - Improved World Boss Battle Balance


METAL SLUG returns, now available as an IDLE RPG!

Clicker RPG mechanics meet the Metal Slug story and characters. Upgrade your units, battle with familiar Metal Slug characters while you gather tanks and combat vehicles! Level up your team as you progress through increasingly challenging levels that bring the nostalgia and excitement of Metal Slug to your phone.

Idle RPG gameplay lets you manage your Metal Slug team andShow more







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