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5.2.0 (2014-03-18) Please reboot and email us when have problem after update -[new] custom Keyboard and Virtual Mouse toggle key -[new] Joymouse: right stick move cursor, button A click -[new] Auto Profile: auto load App Profile when call up Keyboard -[new] separable Dpad -[bug] temp fix for some 4.3/4.4 devices Other Recent Changes: -Virtual Mouse mode -use mouse button, hide mouse cursor -tap screen to toggle keyboard ("Use Hotspot") -move uncommon options to "Internal Options"


Soft keyboard tailor-made for playing games. Play keyboard/gamepad-only games with touchscreen (e.g. Flash, Xperia Play or Onlive games), play touch-only games with physical gamepad (e.g. Street Fighter IV HD), or play touch/gamepad-only games with normal keyboard.

For any issue (e.g. initial setup problem, call up gamepad in games, config touchscreen control, enter cheat code in GTA) please contact developer [email protected]Show more






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