Gunship III Vietnam People AF

Rating: Everyone
Developer: Phanovatives
Downloads: 10.25K times

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Whats new

3.8.4 Fix engine slow startup on some devices. 3.8.2 Fix invisible multi player bug Remove grace spawn time for AI Fix AI continue to fight after destroyed Add bomb delay Reduce lag and code optimization


This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III Vietnam War series.

Features flyable MIG-17PF and MIG-21F13 Fishbed, players could play against others USAF players online.

For more info about the Gunship-III Vietnam War Aircombat series, visit developer's page or at

Offline Campaigns:

* Intercept U.S.A.F fighters and bombers over Laos (1964)

* Intercept U.S.A.F fShow more







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