Earthquakes Tracker

Earthquake notification, proximity - magnitude alerts, track and analysis tool.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: DoubleR Software
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Whats new

Preferences added: 'Show circle around epicenter' and 'Earthquake Marker Style'. Diameter is based on magnitude and it roughly represent felt area. To change this preferences please visit - Main Menu::Settings::General::Map and Location::[Show circle around epicenter and Earthquake Marker Style]. Fixed: - vibrate on notification on/off setting not working on devices running Android 8 O or later - app must be reinstalled or app data cleared to apply this fix. - bypass quiet hours not working.


Earthquake alerts and information at your fingertips:

* Near real time seismic events notification.
* Analyze seismic activity by plotting on the graph various seismic data spanning from hours to days, month and years.
* Custom proximity and magnitude alerts so you never miss an important event.
* My Zones - define your own zones to monitor by selecting center coordinates and a radius. Use zones list to filter mesShow more







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