AirPin(PRO) - AirPlay/DLNA Receiver

1) AirPlay Video/Audio/Photo/Mirroring receiver;
2) DLNA media receiver/player.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: WaxRain Tech.
Downloads: 2.32M times

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Whats new

1)Improve compatibility for screen mirroring on some devices; 2)Improve compatibility for http live stream; 3)Improve stability and compatibility for AirPlay; 4)Fixed a potential exception for hardware media player.


This is a receiver installed on Android devices such as Boxes or TVs to receive media sent from your Apple devices, PC, and Android devices via AirPlay or DLNA protocol. It's not a sender. If the app doesn't work perfectly on your device, please CONTACT us via email([email protected]), and we will try our best to solve it. Whether we could solve the problem, we can make a REFUND.
NOTE: You should uninstall other AirPin versions before inShow more







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