Chinese Dark Chess

Chinese Dark Chess is classic ,easy and fun game.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: xidea creator
Downloads: 29.62M times

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v1.4.7 - fix UI v1.3.9 - fix misc v1.3.5 - enhance A.I. , enhance Computer Level to Normal - support App2SD (if your mobile above android 2.2) v1.3.4 - A.I. enhance


Chinese Dark Chess , or Half Chess, is a two players board game, played on a 4x8 grid. Most games last between ten and twenty minutes. It is a social game, usually played for fun rather than serious competition.

Don’t worry about the Chinese characters, for children and foreign friends, we design the image chess for you. It is easy and fun.

We always do our best to test the program while we release it. However, there aShow more




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