Lucid Dreamer

Carpe Noctem
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Guardanis
Downloads: 29.62M times

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Whats new

+ Fixes reported Dreammunity crash on open + Fixes AppLock keyboard not appearing automatically + Fixes phantom Subliminal images + Improves custom music importing + Adds new page for editing individual Reality Checker alarms + Further improves the Reality Checker service + Fixes Dreamer Time-Range-Mode issues + Other minor background improvements


The first step to controlling a dream is realizing you are actually asleep.

To help you do that, Lucid Dreamer will play a series of audio and/or visual cues during your sleep cycles.

When you wake up, you can record your dreams with our free, secure, PIN-protected Dream Journal. Your entries can be written or voice recorded, can be tagged, and you can even log technique metrics. The Journal also comes with built in accShow more







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