Dreambox Remote Control

Remote control for dreambox tv boxes.
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Developer: Tvisted
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Whats new

v1.8: * Minor bug fixes. v1.6: * First beta version with native android user interface. v1.5: * Fixed the menu button on enigma 2. * Support for authentication. * Support for HTTPS. v1.4: * Bug fix: Correction of crash when no network connection was available. v1.3: * First beta version with Enigma 2 support. If you want to contribute to improve the app, please send debug info (from options menu). v1.2: * New autodetection feature.


Remote control for dreambox tv boxes.

The first time this app is used it will attempt to automatically detect the address of the dreambox. If the autodetection fails the dreambox address has to be configured manually. To configure the dreambox address select Settings from the options menu (see screenshots above).

Use Change appearance from the options menu to change between the web user interface and the native android aShow more




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